Fighting Parkinson's Disease

fighting parkinson disease

"Here. Until Parkinson’s isn’t."1

This simple phrase holds a powerful message that goes beyond words. It’s a promise, dedicated to the more than 10 million people and their loved ones around the globe living with Parkinson’s disease. It’s a call to action - and a staunch reminder that we have to keep fighting this disease for those living with it and their families. can all play a role in the fight against this disease.

Fighting Parkinson's Disease

Living with Parkinson’s means struggling to control tremors, exercising weary muscles to combat stiffness, and rigorously watching the clock to make sure medication is taken on time. Behavior and actions are unpredictable as your body might suddenly be “off” and uncontrolled because you’ve just woken up and haven’t yet swallowed your pills, are between doses, or need to adjust treatment because your disease has progressed. This leaves you vulnerable and dependent on others; and it generates attention, but not the kind of attention you ever hoped for of dreamed of.


April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, but every month, social media and the Internet are alive with stories of courage, hope and resilience from people living with Parkinson’s disease. You’ll also read about caregivers, families, friends, advocates, and volunteers, all united to help improve the lives of those living with this condition.


We can do our part by engaging in this conversation and by sharing their stories, so that awareness and education spread across our communities. We can participate in creative and innovative ways of supporting this cause. Together, we can make our actions far-reaching.


At Bayer, we’ve joined the fight against Parkinson’s through the research and development of novel therapies. Current treatments alleviate symptoms but don’t prevent or slow down the disease progression to add extra quality years in life. Thanks to incredible steps in science, we could be on the verge of extraordinary breakthroughs that may stop or reverse the disease.


The Bayer CGT platform is advancing two first-of-its-kind therapies that represent a paradigm shift in how we develop new medicines: a stem cell-based treatment to replace and repair damaged or lost cells (BlueRock Therapeutics) and a gene therapy to promote the protection and regeneration of the particular nerve cells that die in Parkinson’s disease (Asklepios BioPharmaceutical). This is an incredibly exciting time in science and medicine as the concepts and technologies developed in these programs may be applied to many other disorders, for which there are currently no solutions.


We’re standing at the threshold of a new era, and we get motivated daily by listening to the people living with Parkinson’s disease.