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Bayer SA-NV | Bayer CropScience SA-NV | Bayer Agriculture BVBA

J.E. Mommaertslaan 14

1831 Diegem

Tel: +32-2-535.63.11

In 2009, Bayer opened an ultramodern office building in Diegem, which gives a completely new interpretation to sustainable design. The 13,000 m2 building uses renewable energy sources and consumes half as much energy as comparable industrial buildings.



Bayer Agriculture BVBA

Haven 627

Scheldelaan 460

2040 Antwerp

Tel: +32-3-568-51.11

The production site in Antwerp was set up in 1966. Since then, crop protection products have been produced for the European market.



EU Liaison Office
Belliardstraat 40 rue Belliard
1000 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-550.21.00

Bayer has two offices which handle relations with the European regulatory authorities: one in Brussels and one in Diegem.

Reporting an adverse event

If you want to report an adverse event with regard to a Bayer product for human use, please contact your doctor or pharmacist, the Belgian Health Authorities, or Bayer as marketing authorization holder, via the following link:


Reporting a technical complaint

If you want to report a technical complaint with regard to a Bayer product for human use, please inform Bayer as marketing authorization holder via the following link:


Animal Health Business

Bayer has sold its Animal Health business to Elanco and all responsibilities with respect to the Animal Health products are now taken care of by Elanco. In case you require information on an Animal Health product or if you want to report an adverse event related to an Animal Health product, please contact your local Elanco representation.