Transparency in Agriculture

Keeping Crop Protection Safe

Crop Protection Transparency

Farmers need safe and sustainable solutions to bring their crops to harvest. Today, roughly 20–40% of the world’s crops are lost to weeds, pests and diseases. And without the use of safe and reliable crop protection solutions, those losses would be much greater. That’s why we follow a rigorous process to guarantee safety at every step while bringing a pesticide to the market. Discover what goes into developing solutions that support a sustainable food system. 

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Why is Crop Protection Important?

To bring their crops to harvest, farmers must help their crops withstand damaging pests, weeds and plant diseases throughout the year. That’s where innovation comes in. 

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Safety Standards and Authorization


The Regulatory Process for Pesticides

Crop protection must be effective and safe in order to improve agriculture. That’s why we adhere to rigorous guidelines to ensure that these solutions safely benefit farmers, consumers and our planet. 


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Human Health


Human Health

Our vision is to achieve Health for all, Hunger for none, which is why we use science to deliver solutions that are safe on the farm, at the market, on your dinner table and beyond. 


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Environmental Safety


Environmental Safety

Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. The same is true for crop protection, which is why we develop solutions that care for the natural resources and ecosystems that support all life.


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